Sunday, April 27, 2014

catching up -- yet again!

This one reminded me in no uncertain terms of the limits of finger painting, hence my several liberties.  I could achieve nothing of the angles, geometry, range, and dark subtleties of Georges Braque's 1909 original, Little Harbor in Normandy.  Braque ties with Picasso as favorites.  His work, though, especially his later pieces were what I'd call less aggressive than Picasso's.

Thank you, Jean-Paul Sartre.  Mike

Not sure what Jackson Pollock would think.  Insufficient dripping, perhaps?  Wrong kind of paint?  Inadequately angry?  Not sure what I think either.  Mike

"Tulip and Company".  For some reason on this Easter morning, I appear to be under the influence - of e. e. cummings and Pablo Picasso.  It could, I suppose, be worse.  The windswept portion of this was accidental, but I liked the effect and decided to keep it and work with it.  Oh, Serendipity, thy name is Art.   Mike
"In the Beginning."  My first use of the Art Studio app.  A myriad of new possibilities.  I've got a lot to learn, but couldn't wait.  It's going to be smarter than I am for quite awhile.  Maybe I'll call George W. Bush and see if he can help me.  Mike
 These guys, who I've not been able to identify, surprised me by swimming into view.  Deep water! Deep thinkers? 
A good drink on a hot day.  A shrub is a good drink for a hot day.  It's a good drink for any day in my book.  Glenn doesn't care for the mild vinegar bite, but I love it.  He prefers raspberry syrup with fizzy water.  And of course, we like ours with ice.  Melissa


Fears.  Fears about moving to Virginia.

I have a cold.  I hope your Easter is nicer than mine.  Glenn is going next door for a Greek Orthodox celebration -- their Easter and ours coincide this year.  I'm staying home and keeping my snottiness to myself.  I know a plate of food will be handed over the wall at some point, but for now, I'm going to make some chicken matzo ball soup.  Meliss

The hand looks like it is clenched in front of the carrot tops not around them!  I need drawing lessons.

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