Monday, April 14, 2014

monday, april 14

Seeing life in the Abstract today.  Mike

I'm not responsible for this one.  Occasionally, often, Picasso sneaks up on me and takes possession of my finger.  Mike

Here's to a delicious day on all coasts and in between!  Mike
That's what I get for goofing around at work -- I didn't realize how cut off his nose was until I saved the drawing.  Melissa

I'm letting my garden go for the summer because I will be with Erika, Christian and the baby for most of it and Glenn isn't interested in playing farmer in my absence.  Animal husbandry -- in the form of taking care of "MY" three pets -- is all he'll sign on for.  So, carrots will be my last harvest for a while.  They aren't quite ready yet, but I'm looking forward to the day they are!  Melissa

My doodles.  Melissa

Do you remember doing this type of art project in grade school?  I think it was a way for even the least artistic child to produce a refrigerator-worthy piece.   Melissa

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