Tuesday, April 8, 2014

we are prolific

mike and i are more prolific than i anticipated.  here we are at the very beginning of this blog adventure and i'm already behind!

Time-Keeper or Time-Taker? I don't know which it is, but it returned to duty on our mantel in December after considerable rest and then tender, loving attention by a clock repair specialist here in Portland.  Made of rosewood in the 1860s or 70s, built in Connecticut by the E. N. Welch company, it's called a Welch "Patti".  Now, after a gentle but discernible murmur at five til the hour, it chimes it's message on the hour.   Always my favorite as a kid and his, this was one of several in my Grandfather Miller's antique clock collection and has been in our family since about 1950.  Though this clock keeps the right time and has both of it's hands, when I hear it's bell chiming I'm always reminded of the Easter morning (April 8) kitchen scene with Dilsey in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury: "On the wall above a cupboard, invisible save at night, by lamp light and even then evincing an enigmatic profundity because it had but one hand, a cabinet clock ticked. Then with a preliminary sound as if it had cleared its throat, struck five times.  'Eight oclock,' Dilsey said."  As for the copper plate hanging on the wall?  Not so copper, eh?  Alas.  More brass than anything. -- Mike

Inspired by (more akin to purloined from) a 4/6/14 New York Times illustration on a piece about China.  -- Mike

I love popcorn.  My love for it borders on an addiction, Glenn would tell you. But, I don't particularly care for movie theater popcorn.  The drawing of my hand isn't very good and it isn't accurate at all -- I left off all the age spots! 

The thermometer in my car registered 93 when i pulled into our driveway at 2:00 today.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be even hotter! -- Melissa

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