Wednesday, April 16, 2014

wednesday, april 16

In Good P (as in Myers-Briggs Perceiving) I have no destination in mind with most of these.  But the trip is a nifty one.  Mike

The "?WHY" pic really began as a reflection on a conversation I had this weekend when my Faulkner friend, Dan, asked why people do certain things.  I explained that I throught the question was a misplaced one which inevitably leads away from objectivity into subjectivity, a deadly detour for someone wishing to factually track human behavior.  The misplaced question mark was intended to indicate that.  As I say, it was all born of rumination -- which, as I recall, also means to chew again, as a cow does it's cud.  An apt description, it seems to me, of what I was doing.  Mike.

On Saturday mornings I walk with two friends around a lake across the freeway from my house.  The lake is called Lindo Lake and while it is no longer naturally fed (streams have been re-routed), it is a natural lake and in the years when we get enough rain, it is just beautiful. Pelicans visit the lake this time of year.  Last week there were more than 30 of them.  They look like a ballet chorus swimming together to herd fish to the shallow water where they gobble them down in those big rubbery bill pouches of theirs.  We love seeing them--especially the beautiful white ones.   Melissa

A new uniform.  I wore a uniform to school for 11 years and to work for several more.  I liked it and to this day tend to wear the same things over and over.  I think I've found my new uniform.  Man oh man, are they comfortable! Melissa

I love my dentist.  Today he filled a small cavity and prepared a tooth with an old, huge, cracked filling for a crown.  I'm glad that 2.5 hour appointment is behind me! Melissa

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