Sunday, May 18, 2014

Caught up -- no catching up to do

This is unfinished - I think - but I'm sending it anyway.  The scene here is a faint echo of an area near Blue Hill, Maine which is about 2 1/2 hours north of Portland.  Don't tell anyone, but the shadows don't coordinate with the sun's location.  Mike
This began and ended as an experiment, trying to find just the right color for sand.  Not there yet.  Still experimenting, but I do feel the ocean breeze. Mike

This began as a large check mark which I intended, for now unremembered reasons, to be only that, but it quickly went beyond my initial plan. Must of been the tobacco I was smoking that April day.  In fact, I love pipes of all sorts, shapes, sizes, but haven't smoked one in almost 50 years.  Lots of family photos, though, show me "smoking" my Dad's pipes when I was  4 and 5, so I got an early start.  In spite of the lengthy time lapse between today and my last bowl full, I can even now smell the aromas of the various tobaccos I used, including a cherry blend and a whiskey blend.  Mike

What's Blue Hill without blue hills?  No telling where this road will lead.  Mike

I need drawing lessons.  My fig tree -- mine by virtue of the fact that Glenn won't touch figs -- is a spindly thing that has survived losing all its leaves to front once and human failure to remember to water it twice.  It deserves better than this drawing.  But, there it is. 

Last night out the front window.  Have a good weekend!

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  1. Boosmom, I feel bad that I missed out on this fun blog when you created it. Thank you for your comment on my blog today. I wondered if you were still blogging and I clicked on your name and found this and your east coast blog. I am loving your pics on the farm. So happy for you in your new chapter! Now, back to these fun little pieces of art. Love them! Like I said before you have an artistic eye and it shows in your creations. I have never tried this paint app, it looks like fun. I especially love your nocturne piece. The composition and colors are great! I know you are busy on the farm, but you should continue with these. I can bet that little farm girl would love them too!